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Posted: August 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I am here now,
Motionless in one corner of an impossibly spherical earth,
And as surely as we belong to the universe,  the glinting sun pops out of a family of cumulus clouds,
The heady heat of August becomes steadily unbearable as it becomes apparent that everything will soon cook under the glare of the overwhelming heat,
I burrow deep into my corner unsuccessfully fighting my persistent claustrophobia.
I imagine you in your corner,
Eagerly anticipating the days of wintry cold,
Basking in the mystifying cold and barely covering your numb-from-cold face,
I imagine you staring blankly at the transparent sky in your corner and appreciating the softness in your world,
From my uncomfortable corner, I know it was inevitable-
Your world is better-
Do not abandon the glint of greenness for my despicable darkness,
You are there now.
I am here now.
There is no promise of more to come.


It’s the irrational excitement that gets your heart to tripple it’s beats at the glance of a lover,
It’s the thrill of a rollercoaster ride,
It’s the frisson of electrifying electricity at the barest touch of a soul mate,
It’s the gentle breeze on a hot day,
It’s the appearance of the sun on a gloomy winter morning,
It’s the relief of waking up from a bad dream,

It’s the immediate shock at receiving bad news,
It’s the dejection you feel at rejection,
It’s the horror of a nightmare,
It’s the understandable fear of heights,
It’s the irrational phobia of dragons,
It’s the complete dislike of a moonless night,

Both sides are truly even when you love solitude.