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I find that my imagination flourishes with the  lemony scent of lemons,

That on rainy days, as the skies open up and pelt the crusty dry earth, my mind wanders,

And on calm starry nights, as my myopic eyes try to make out the different constellations and I pull a solitary act, words turn over in my mind.

At that moment, it doesn’t matter to me where a word goes, or the fate of my imagination,

I am somewhere between reality and oblivion,

That space of  anonymity is where I found you,

Hiding between my lone words, struggling to come out into the agreeable vicinity,

We are the same at that moment, yet terribly different,

It is nothing and nothingness at loggerheads,

The fight to get you out into the open is bumpy and lethal,

Bloodlust for the longest of days,


I like to discover things.

I discover, that, the Big Bang was really noiseless,

That the lemony scent I love so much, would be sweeter than strawberries,

That each time I glimpse a full moon, I always see the same side..

So now, I discover you,

Tall and lone.

Solitary and nuclear.

Venomous smile and lanky frame.

A fine relationship with your feline friends.

My imagination halts for a second…my heart too,

I am stepping off a high cliff uncertain whether the parachute will open or not,

It will be a bad bloody fall or a bloody good fall,

And as the air whooshes around my ears and the watery wind blows into my willow eyes,

I suddenly realize that the Big Bang must’ve been noisy after all,

And you are there to break my fall.

Neatly and timely seconds before I hit the ground.

A bloody good fall it appears.

I feel a happiness so profound that my lingering fear skides away into the green-eyed universe.

I am here now.

You are here now.

There is a promise of more to come,

For you have peopled me.










Most people would refer to my numerous fascinations as normal. Typical. Ordinary.
But to you, ordinary never existed when it came to me. I was alien. Everything about me was starry.
My fascination with the Holocaust Period, my enchatment with the Titanic enchanted you, the spaced out gaze I got everytime I looked at the great orb that is the moon as it covered the earth with its pale light, my urgent need to traipse on the surface of the moon and somehow inscribe our mark-proving the existence of our love; was hilarious to you.
You would throw your head back and your shoulders would shake with mirth at my insistence that we had to make it to the moon.
You’d remind me that I didn’t even love anything Science.
And that realization made us sink into a crumpled up mess of hysterical laughter,
And so we resorted to painting the moon-
An oily canvas and paint-filled faces later, we presented our artificially real moon to the world,
It was yellow. A palish yellow that reflected in our eyes,
It had rocky edges and a bit of greyish paint on the sides,
Science had suggested that we include the greyish sand,
So on that night that we painted the moon, we respected Science,

Nights like these when the moon is crescent make me horribly nostalgic.
I am now strictly fascinated by full moons-another thing that you would have found alien.
I keep our fake moon in the ceiling of my room,
It creates an illusion that even the moon rises with the sun,
It keeps you here.
It creates an aura of your presence.
It reminds me that your ashes are not floating, or sinking somewhere in the Atlantic,
For one short minute,
Our fake moon brings you home.



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We were a vast risk,
Me, with my bipolar personality,
A rather trying attitude-
An inexplicable temptation for anything forbidden,
And you…
With your astonishing lack of emotional involvement,
Your readily available uneasiness,
And a private penchant for horizontally stripped shirts;
We were a wrong strategy,
A strange concotion with a depressing logic-
A striking contrast-
A bizarre coincidence.

We were two souls reluctant to admit we were a ticking bomb,
Our attraction was chaotic-but we tried.
God, did we try.
But what will reastically happen, will realistically happen,
You were suddenly unsatisfied,
I lacked a sense of responsibility..
I was unfamiliar to you and your new situation,
And there we were, at an unfortunate crossroad,

And when the bomb exploded,
It was grisly. It was dark.

I watched you saunter off into the sunset,
And my heart lay lifeless at my feet.


How To Kill a Poet

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Ergo, Ego

Broken bones, heartbreaking poems,

And heartbroken poets trying to break bone.

They said things that almost broke my funny bone

But I yet smiled. Tragedies are a joke.

They painted the world dark red, and gave us tears to drink,

Stuffed rocks of salt down our throats and filled our IVs with ink,

Flipped the world upside down so New Zealand was old,

And preached such venom to grammar, she woke from her coma.

Bold or stupid.

And still they wrote, still they spoke, these new chiefs.

Shouted in the streets till the avenues would lose sleep,

Till the skyscrapers peered down from the blue sheets,

For this day, they’d see crowned the new king of loose leaf.

When the ink ran out, they filled their pens with blood,

And when the paper was filled they tore at the walls.

Oh what a colourful day for their sorrowful ways.


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Here we go again,
The winds of change have catapulted us headfirst into this boiling tragedy,
It’s unbelievable seeing your smooth features turn into mottled granite,
It is equally treacherous that your catchy dark eyes have turned into glass orbs of loathing,
I can hear your bad-tempered snort seconds before I see the rebellious gleam in your eyes,
Two sunrises ago you declared your fondness for blackcurrant wine and my lone dimple,
Two sunrises ago we ignored the abrasive sound of traffic and sampled that sweet October ale,
Isn’t it strange that only two sunrises ago we held hands laying among great masses of carnations?
I’m sure you remember that peaceful and golden afternoon when we avoided the high noontide heat –
and lay on the flower-carpeted garden without a care in the world,
Here we go again,
And as I use these buckets of tears to water our flower-carpeted gardens,
I blame the winds of change for blowing your way,
I could never blame you,
I will wish upon a star tonight,
In those midnight blues,
Till then, I can only whisper,
“Heavenly Father, all is lost”


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I am here now,
Motionless in one corner of an impossibly spherical earth,
And as surely as we belong to the universe,  the glinting sun pops out of a family of cumulus clouds,
The heady heat of August becomes steadily unbearable as it becomes apparent that everything will soon cook under the glare of the overwhelming heat,
I burrow deep into my corner unsuccessfully fighting my persistent claustrophobia.
I imagine you in your corner,
Eagerly anticipating the days of wintry cold,
Basking in the mystifying cold and barely covering your numb-from-cold face,
I imagine you staring blankly at the transparent sky in your corner and appreciating the softness in your world,
From my uncomfortable corner, I know it was inevitable-
Your world is better-
Do not abandon the glint of greenness for my despicable darkness,
You are there now.
I am here now.
There is no promise of more to come.

Think Universe

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Ripple Poetry

Filmshort 40 Dancing – June Perkins

For all my friends who’ve lost a baby

‘Think universe,’
said the tiny spider
as it climbed upon its web.

‘Think universe,’
said the river as it flowed
from the mountain
to the coast.

‘Think universe,’ said the star
as it looked on
down from space.

‘Think universe,’ cried the mother
as she danced the
memory of
their baby’s face.

The star died
so the spider cried then
cast a thin thread
from the mountain to the coast
made a cradle for their baby’s soul
as the mother’s tears zoomed
into the sky.

‘Breathe universe
from the small up to the large,’
sang the moon
removing grieving’s curse.

It reminded the mother
she could mend
a dying universe.

(c) June Perkins

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