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Posted: April 23, 2015 in poems, Poetry
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Exactly two minutes ago the clouds had been white and fluffy and he could see heaven,
Presently heaven was littered with angry dark clouds, lethal electricity that flashed every two seconds and rumbling thunder,
And he wondered at the speedy transition,
How was it that white could change so fast to a scary black?
And he raised his eyes to the dark skies and tried unsuccessfully to catch a glimpse of heaven,
A flash of lightening,
A far- away roar of thunder,
And soon, the skies opened up.
The angry clouds squeezed all the water out of their demeanor,
Ice cold drops that would eventually be the cause of several bursting rivers,
Perched on his seat at the window, he wondered again how such little drops could wreak so much havoc,
And two minutes later, he watched in amazement as the skies cleared right before his eyes,
The clouds had squeezed all the blackness out and the fluffy whiteness had returned,
The thunder and lightening had disappeared somewhere behind the distant hills,
A streak of orange and blue and red and yellow and violet was noticeable in the presently clear sky,
And he laughed.
A short mirthless laugh that rung loudly in his empty insides,
The heavens must have pulled a fast one on him.
But, no matter.
He could now see heaven again.




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Posted: April 12, 2015 in poems
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There’s nothing truly wrong in innocent assumptions,
Responsible speculations that secretly appease your troubled heart,
Reassure your wandering mind that everything is fine,
Assumptions that give your whole existence a false azure of hope-
Long-lasting hope that is like a breeze blowing gently through a meadow,
These assurances persuade your warring insides that the golden sun will miraculously never set.
But you know what’s truly wrong?
Outrightly sad?
Confirmation that your innocent speculation, responsible assumptions, remarkable assuarances are all but an epoch of incredulity.
All lies.
All a figment of your imagination.
And in that sad moment of revelation, you realize that your life has been invisible,
You have been invisible,
Your whole existence has been slandered,
In a sense, you’re a fake.
A hoax.
Your best of times have turned to your worst of times,
You do not care to remember anything from your happiness season,
Because what’s the point in recalling fake moments?
But in your sudden age of wisdom, you thank confirmation,
You raise your glass to it’s timely disclosure,
Because once upon a time, two or three months ago,
You were caught up in a lie-having no alternative,
Many years later, you learn, forcefully too,
That there’s something truly wrong in speculation.