Posted: June 4, 2016 in poems, Poetry
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The imprints of my glasses on the side of my face tell a story,
A riveting, yet harmless story,
But a story nonetheless-
A story of endless routine,
A story of unacknowledged complications,
A story of a life disguised as tough crosswords and complicated puzzles,
A tall-tale of restrictions-
     Restricted emotions
      Restricted need
      Restricted completeness
In all this, my vision is painfully blurry and it barely notices the endless posibilities of life around me,
There’s a potentially entertaining lover’s quarrel just two metres from my restricted perch,
There’s a crawling baby guffawing toothlessly at nothing in particular,
And the flickering lights in a nearby abandoned building would be considered creepy by the next normal person,
But I don’t notice all these-
I don’t want to notice-
The indifference is comfortable,
I don’t even notice the rapidly swaying door I’m presently walking into-

In two lengthy seconds, I finally understand why writers before me have said that the universe, or God has a sick sense of humour.
Or more accurately, the heart wants what it wants.

I understand these exclusively cheesy commentaries when you bumped me right out of my absent-mindedness,
And suddenly it was like the rivers had burst their banks and the waters hurried to drown anything in their wake,
My shifting gaze met your piercing one and my heart burst at its seams,
You reached out two strong arms to steady me and a genie escaped its enclosed bottle,

I felt. I felt. I felt.



triction did not exist in my vocabulary.
I let the emotions consume me.

Affliction and confusion were the first to assault me,
Then like a burst of light and sun and oceans,
Reckless passion and something that felt suspiciously like raw nerves started a wild inferno in the pit of my stomach,
I stepped back-shocked, for the impact was staggering,

My glasses, askew from what had become my favorite collission in my history of clumsiness, slipped and clattered to the floor,
They went unnoticed,
For presently, I was in a hypnotic trance,
I felt steady fingers at the imprints on the side of my face,
And I knew there was no going back to  restricted indifference.



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