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We were a vast risk,
Me, with my bipolar personality,
A rather trying attitude-
An inexplicable temptation for anything forbidden,
And you…
With your astonishing lack of emotional involvement,
Your readily available uneasiness,
And a private penchant for horizontally stripped shirts;
We were a wrong strategy,
A strange concotion with a depressing logic-
A striking contrast-
A bizarre coincidence.

We were two souls reluctant to admit we were a ticking bomb,
Our attraction was chaotic-but we tried.
God, did we try.
But what will reastically happen, will realistically happen,
You were suddenly unsatisfied,
I lacked a sense of responsibility..
I was unfamiliar to you and your new situation,
And there we were, at an unfortunate crossroad,

And when the bomb exploded,
It was grisly. It was dark.

I watched you saunter off into the sunset,
And my heart lay lifeless at my feet.


  1. azshahmoore says:

    God this is beautiful.

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