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Most people would refer to my numerous fascinations as normal. Typical. Ordinary.
But to you, ordinary never existed when it came to me. I was alien. Everything about me was starry.
My fascination with the Holocaust Period, my enchatment with the Titanic enchanted you, the spaced out gaze I got everytime I looked at the great orb that is the moon as it covered the earth with its pale light, my urgent need to traipse on the surface of the moon and somehow inscribe our mark-proving the existence of our love; was hilarious to you.
You would throw your head back and your shoulders would shake with mirth at my insistence that we had to make it to the moon.
You’d remind me that I didn’t even love anything Science.
And that realization made us sink into a crumpled up mess of hysterical laughter,
And so we resorted to painting the moon-
An oily canvas and paint-filled faces later, we presented our artificially real moon to the world,
It was yellow. A palish yellow that reflected in our eyes,
It had rocky edges and a bit of greyish paint on the sides,
Science had suggested that we include the greyish sand,
So on that night that we painted the moon, we respected Science,

Nights like these when the moon is crescent make me horribly nostalgic.
I am now strictly fascinated by full moons-another thing that you would have found alien.
I keep our fake moon in the ceiling of my room,
It creates an illusion that even the moon rises with the sun,
It keeps you here.
It creates an aura of your presence.
It reminds me that your ashes are not floating, or sinking somewhere in the Atlantic,
For one short minute,
Our fake moon brings you home.




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We were a vast risk,
Me, with my bipolar personality,
A rather trying attitude-
An inexplicable temptation for anything forbidden,
And you…
With your astonishing lack of emotional involvement,
Your readily available uneasiness,
And a private penchant for horizontally stripped shirts;
We were a wrong strategy,
A strange concotion with a depressing logic-
A striking contrast-
A bizarre coincidence.

We were two souls reluctant to admit we were a ticking bomb,
Our attraction was chaotic-but we tried.
God, did we try.
But what will reastically happen, will realistically happen,
You were suddenly unsatisfied,
I lacked a sense of responsibility..
I was unfamiliar to you and your new situation,
And there we were, at an unfortunate crossroad,

And when the bomb exploded,
It was grisly. It was dark.

I watched you saunter off into the sunset,
And my heart lay lifeless at my feet.