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UNexpected ExpeCtaTIOns.

Posted: October 11, 2015 in poems, Poetry

And she gets…bored. Rather easily.
Her sleek boots tap steadily to the ticking of the clock,
Her clear eyes are set straight on the still silhouette with irritatingly dulcet tones on the opposite side of the table,
Her slim fingers are wrapped tightly around the chocolate coffee mug,
Any more tightness, her veins or the mug will pop,
The clock ticks away,
Maybe he’ll unravel his amazing side bit by bit,”
Just a matter of time,
The clock ticks away,

“Maybe he’ll unleash some funny dosses of useless banter,”
Some up-to-date scam to excite her,
And the clock ticks away,
Still, nothing.

He sees the grimace behind her pretentious grin-albeit subtle,
“Maybe she’ll ignore the awkward way I push my glasses up my nose,”
“Maybe she won’t smirk again when I say she’s as beautiful as Cleopatra, “

“You’re as beautiful as Cleopatra, “
That smirk again on her perfectly sculpted mouth,
She sighs.
He sighs.
She says, “This is going to sound incredibly heartless, but you’re boring, “

“Well, so are you. “