Posted: September 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here we go again,
The winds of change have catapulted us headfirst into this boiling tragedy,
It’s unbelievable seeing your smooth features turn into mottled granite,
It is equally treacherous that your catchy dark eyes have turned into glass orbs of loathing,
I can hear your bad-tempered snort seconds before I see the rebellious gleam in your eyes,
Two sunrises ago you declared your fondness for blackcurrant wine and my lone dimple,
Two sunrises ago we ignored the abrasive sound of traffic and sampled that sweet October ale,
Isn’t it strange that only two sunrises ago we held hands laying among great masses of carnations?
I’m sure you remember that peaceful and golden afternoon when we avoided the high noontide heat –
and lay on the flower-carpeted garden without a care in the world,
Here we go again,
And as I use these buckets of tears to water our flower-carpeted gardens,
I blame the winds of change for blowing your way,
I could never blame you,
I will wish upon a star tonight,
In those midnight blues,
Till then, I can only whisper,
“Heavenly Father, all is lost”


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