Posted: August 26, 2015 in Poetry


Coal eyed baby,
Mysterious mister,
What happened here?
The breathtaking sunset and your blue jeans are visible from my perch on the window,
Long gone lover,
Reliable stranger,
I see your red neck tie comfortable hanging in my wardrobe,
The gentle evening breeze makes it swish and swish,
Darling,  it’s distracting.
Darling, your soap still darkens my bathroom window,
That smell that brings back wanted memories,
These wandering thoughts are dangerous,
I will refocus on the yellow sunset,
The street lamps from my vantage glitter magically in that sapphire reflection,
Darling, I told you to wait,
Didn’t I tell you to hold on?
Isn’t the sunset amazing?
Lord, I hope the moon doesn’t come out tonight,
It’s air of mystery would be too much to bear tonight,
Have I said darling too much?
This is the night to watch sunsets,
Not stare at your jeans,
Or tie,
Or bring back memories of passionate kisses in the moonlight,
I give the moon back.
Take it.
Keep it.
What happened here?

  1. patrice says:

    darling, have i said darling to much?

  2. ergo says:

    this is beautiful.

  3. Alvin's says:

    I loved it
    How do I start a blog?

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