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LiFe CyCleS.

Posted: June 14, 2015 in poems, Poetry
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It’s a gamble, life.
It’s playing poker without a poker face,
One minute you’re winning against all odds,
The next you’re stuck- enclosed in four pale walls radiating doom,
You take it in stride-the doom,
If you’re lucky enough,
Survival instincts kick in,
“Survive” “Survive” “Survive”-the latest mantra in your mind,
So like a desperate soldier on enemy soil, you fight,
And sometimes, you win and go back to that happy place-
Sometimes, you fold in on yourself-
There’s no fight left in you,
A sense of foreboding kicks in,
Soon it’s defeat like its never been told,
Or heard-
Or written,
It’s unbelievable loss recounted from the mouth of a mother mourning the unfortunate death of her child,
The hopelessness is never far off,
It creeps in as steady as a hand on a tiller,
As confident as a cancerous tumor meandering its way in an unfortunate part of the body,
Worthlessness, meanwhile, would be waiting impatiently in line to combine forces with hopelessness and defeat and loss-
And together, they’d conjure up nasty thoughts in your tired mind-
“Throw yourself in the freeway, why don’t you? ”
“Wouldn’t it be lovely to see how fast hypothermia kicks in?”
Ultimately, you win over all those voices,
You sigh after your victory,
As you patiently await the next cycle-
Wondering in your heart of hearts if that would be the one to eventually end it all.


Think Universe

Posted: June 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ripple Poetry

Filmshort 40 Dancing – June Perkins

For all my friends who’ve lost a baby

‘Think universe,’
said the tiny spider
as it climbed upon its web.

‘Think universe,’
said the river as it flowed
from the mountain
to the coast.

‘Think universe,’ said the star
as it looked on
down from space.

‘Think universe,’ cried the mother
as she danced the
memory of
their baby’s face.

The star died
so the spider cried then
cast a thin thread
from the mountain to the coast
made a cradle for their baby’s soul
as the mother’s tears zoomed
into the sky.

‘Breathe universe
from the small up to the large,’
sang the moon
removing grieving’s curse.

It reminded the mother
she could mend
a dying universe.

(c) June Perkins

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In The Shadows

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Uncategorized


The sun sets in all its glamorous essence,
Soaking the horizon in the yellow gold of its presence,
Taking the day in its pockets full of glory,
Wrapped in memories, now just untold stories
Out of sight, an anxious night awaits
Coated with motives and evil intentions,
Drowning in anticipation of its planned tragedies,
For it feeds and eats and survives only on our hope,
Growing in destruction and chaos of the living,
Scaling our boundaries in an ominous cloud,
Searching for a weakness,
Gnawing for an entrance
So tonight as your eyes shut with sleep,
Beware of the monsters that roam like sin,
Pray to they, whose souls you keep,
The un-charred purity that lies within,
To keep you safe in their sacred light,
Till the cracks of dawn, when the threat retreats,
And even though you may not see me through the entire night,
Fighting gallantly besides your…

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