Posted: April 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Do I dare disfigure the state of intentional ignorance?
Do I dare disturb my comfortable memory?
Do I dare tell the dignified my fictitious dream that ended in nothing?
Calmly present to the experienced crowd my misplaced hope?
Hope of being happy rather than afraid?
Should I tell of our age of innocence when we could be reckless without a shred of care?
Or do I scream from the rooftops how you were my-
Light of lights?
My daisies-
My carnations-
My very breath of fresh air?
I should not dare shock the world with my obsessive longing to understand you,
Or my inappropriate presumption that our tomorrow would always be in existence,
I refuse to tell the world how I gave you my all and now I’m nothing,
They would only listen to the old drag of my heart and give unmerited sympathies,
The rest of the universe would gloat and cackle because we now have nothing to show for our intensity,
But, inspite of everything,
I have dared to disturb the universe with our dream,
Our story,
Our eternity,
Our defeat,
A defeat better than any existing victories,
Everything is still beautiful in our defeat,
Even if it was a dream, all a dream-
A dream that ended in nothing.

  1. Patrice says:

    Epic read Viv,keep doing what you do best,love it

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