Posted: March 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

As the scorching sun sets steadily as if in slow motion behind the hills,
Darkness embraces the earth,
The moon struggles to out itself to replace the enchanting rays that have been swallowed by the hills,
But it can only manage a tiny crescent shape tonight,
Not much light,
Not much replacing,
And so the moon, in shame, sinks back into whatever oblivion it arose from,
And that’s when the naked eye glancing at the warring heavens notices the lone star,
Lonely in every definition of the word,
It’s five sharp edges radiating all the light that the moon and the sun combined couldn’t manage,
And as the darkness majestically closes in around it,
The star shines on even brighter, as if to mock the darkness,
And the tall trees form a silhouette from it’s light,
It’s as if the sky is a painting,
The moon is noticeably trying to get back it’s lost glory by re-appearing from it’s oblivion,
A half-moon this time,
The lone star shines even brighter,
Embarrassed twice in a night,
The moon disappears,
Letting the lone star reign for the night,
Tomorrow, it will try again.



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