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“There is only one page left to write
on. I will fill it with words of only one
syllable. I love. I have loved. I will
― Audrey Niffenegger , The Time
Traveler’s Wife



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As the scorching sun sets steadily as if in slow motion behind the hills,
Darkness embraces the earth,
The moon struggles to out itself to replace the enchanting rays that have been swallowed by the hills,
But it can only manage a tiny crescent shape tonight,
Not much light,
Not much replacing,
And so the moon, in shame, sinks back into whatever oblivion it arose from,
And that’s when the naked eye glancing at the warring heavens notices the lone star,
Lonely in every definition of the word,
It’s five sharp edges radiating all the light that the moon and the sun combined couldn’t manage,
And as the darkness majestically closes in around it,
The star shines on even brighter, as if to mock the darkness,
And the tall trees form a silhouette from it’s light,
It’s as if the sky is a painting,
The moon is noticeably trying to get back it’s lost glory by re-appearing from it’s oblivion,
A half-moon this time,
The lone star shines even brighter,
Embarrassed twice in a night,
The moon disappears,
Letting the lone star reign for the night,
Tomorrow, it will try again.


Thinking through a night

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“Never leave dreams in tatters”

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Should I be worried
for things beyond reach
destiny, night beseech
my desire to excel
Calm down says life
if glory doesn’t dwell
in street beside your shack
passion there is no lack
confidence in a big sack
competence rack after rack
just lady, daddy luck amiss
for the better or worse
times are mighty terse
night’s last verse
never lose heart,
around the corner
a brand new start
keep singing, clinging
to hope, fate needs a moment
before it will torment
Keeping a guessing game
like the most beautiful dame
put thousands on a hook
never giving it away
you will most certainly
have your day
Never wonder, it will not matter
never leave dreams in tatters
they will become true
just near dawn, clearing hue
stay the course, unending walk
will result in a destination
not to be missed, fate hissed,
keep your eyes open

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A serious reader would immediately deduce that his recollection of her was certain..definite even.
But as he transfers his memories of her from his entranced mind onto a single piece of paper, he knows they are vague.
He is mortified that his recollection of her enthusiastic gait is not exact.
He surely couldn’t have forgotten her ebony hair that fell on her stoic shoulders like a waterfall,
The arched brows that rose inquisitively with every question that she asked,
He knows he must remember the hypnotic eyes that were the colour of coal,
Her pointed fingers that would wrap round his large hand as they strolled in the tranquil evening,
He must refuse to have a hazy recollection of her unearthly beauty,
But his mind holds him in captivity,
The only precise memories that reign in his head are her pale eyes,
Clear in death.
Her neatly folded hands on her stomach,
The deliberate smile on her firmly closed lips,
The narcissistic white veil that covered her face
He wishes he could magically conjure up happier memories of their time together..and not horrifying memories of her in a mahogany box,
As he fills up the single paper with the desperate honesty of a jilted lover, his heart becomes a panting maniac.
This is a dangerous trend.
And with a mixture of ferocity and morbid fear that betrays his loneliness, he tears up the single paper into a million pieces,
Sinking to the floor in despair.
He knows that in the unwelcome actions of his mind, lurks a general lesson-he ought to forget,
He ought to move on.
Perhaps he should abandon all the memories, sad and happy alike,
Because she isn’t coming back,
After all, ghosts don’t walk.