Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Alone with the nocturnal sounds, he slept on,
As the angry relentless wind sliced through the night, he slept on,
Amid the howling of a hungry dog, he slept on,
And the violent wind carried his mumbles in the opposite direction swallowing them up in the black darkness,
He slept on.
The night drifted on.
The distant murmur and clutter of indistinct voices did nothing to alter his dead sleep,
The clinking of blue high-heeled shoes that steadily climbed up his stairs drew him even deeper into his slumber,
The creaking of his bedroom door as it slowly swung open made him smile at the nonsensical dream he was having,
He sighed.
He slept on.
The cold tips of slim fingers as they touched his face, youthful in sleep slowly woke him up,
He opened his drowsy eyes and slowly started with the ankles,
Dragged his gaze slowly up,
Paused at the narrow waist,
The fitting blue dress that covered a slim body,
His gaze took in the gleaming blade at her goddess hands,
The wicked dancing of her equally wicked eyes,
He registered dimly the rapid beating of his heart,
And as the blade sunk in his chest,
He slept on.

  1. ergo says:

    He died peacefully in his sleep? hehe. I like that he slept on. Perfect pace.

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