Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

A glance at the streets would tell you that buildings exist,
That all sorts of vehicles exist,
That a range of blooming flowers exist,  and quite simply, –
People exist.
What is it about these people on the streets?
The multiple sets of feet that hurry to places that only their owners know?
And what about the cold looks firmly established on their strict faces?
Or the blatant dislike for their fellow humans?
The aura of rudeness that could throw your confidence off its axis?
Do they not know the joy of love?
Or the satisfaction found in kindness?
Have they never known about the strength in togetherness,
Or the unity in unity?
As they strut down these streets, throwing one terrible glance after a rude stare at each other,
Is there any slight hope of finding the happiness in friendship?
Perhaps a dim chance of  understanding the importance of courtesy?
I will never know.
I might never know.
I am also, after all,
Only human.

  1. Rudolph says:

    I’m also Human
    I breathe
    I err
    I forgive
    And sometimes forget what I wrote
    I’m also human

  2. Rudolph says:

    I’m also human
    I breathe
    I err I forgive
    I forget and write
    My sins
    I’m human

  3. iantumkiptoo says:

    thans viviane for the story through the eyes of a poet. it solves the question that dawned on the streets but as nature has it….

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