Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

She wasn’t disappointed, neither was he,
Nearly two years later,
a million love songs later,
double heartbreaks later,
zero regrets later,
An ocean of tears later,
Countless laughs later,
They weren’t disappointed.
And he looked into her once dull eyes, now vibrant with all the colours in the world, and smiled-
A heart-melting smile that would charm the the embers of her heart years from now,
Their intense stare lasted a second longer then turned to their interlocked hands, where the fingers fit perfectly in the spaces of their hands,
She laughed shyly, catching her lower lip between her teeth,
That they’ve made it this far is surprising, shocking even,
And she’s looking forward to a trillion other love songs,
A forever that surpasses any infinity,
She wouldn’t mind a couple more heartbreaks from him,
Maybe two more oceans of tears,
And laughter. She wouldn’t mind laughter.
Just as long as he’s around for all these.
She wouldn’t mind.

  1. david kiplelgo says:

    that poem reminds me of you and the two sly love birds we know…that sweet poem from one hot momma is a new year gift like no other happy new year vivid

    • vivianneouya says:

      Hahaha. Thanks Davy. The inspiration for this poem however was not those two love birds.
      Next year we’re working on those two wapende wasipende. Thanks again and Happy New Year. ♡♡

  2. rupialeon says:

    The endurance of love…Beautiful poem 🙂

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