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Continuation from LOST CAUSE 4

Mandy wasn’t sure she liked the arrogant, rude and generally cold man who had accosted her at the hospital. His whole demeanor screamed TROUBLE. The determined set of his broad shoulders however told a different story. He’d said, arrogantly too that his name was Sheldon. Sheldon Hill. She looked at the crisp text lighting up her phone and confirmed again in her mind that Sheldon Hill was an arrogant bastard who wouldn’t mind his own business.
Meet for lunch later today? “
How the hell did he get her number. This was creepy in all kinds of ways. And yet a frisson of electricity was passing through her frame. She was excited, and she couldn’t tell why. Maybe it was the possibility of getting back into the dating scene. God knows it had been a long time.
“How did you get my number? “
She threw her phone aside and bit her thumb nail. “Why did I reply?” She chides herself.  She should have outrightly ignored the damn text.
Her phone vibrates from the corner of her beige sofa. She grabs for it. The same number she hasn’t saved yet.
“Let’s just say I’m resourceful ;-)”
Was that a wink he’d sent?
Mandy giggled despite herself. “Maybe I should agree to this lunch date so I make myself absolutely clear that I’m not interested in whatever he wants. ” An irritating voice somewhere in her mind tells her to keep telling herself that lie.
She rubs her face tiredly, grits her teeth and instinctively makes a decision.
She hits send and lets out slowly the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Barely three seconds later, her phone vibrates.
“I love small victories. :-)”
Mandy couldn’t believe the guy. Was he seriously rubbing her affirmative answer in her face? Biting her lower lip, she typed,
“Here’s what you can do with your small victory, take it to lunch”
Jesus,  she should’ve known the arrogance wouldn’t just fade away on a whim. A vibration.
“You’re my small victory. And I’m taking you to lunch. “
“God in heaven! What kind of unrefined person did you put in my path?” She decided she wasn’t even going to respond to his text. She had too much going on in her life right now to deal with uncouth sadists.
An hour into her house cleaning her phone vibrated again. She sighed as she walked over to her couch and rolled her eyes as she looked at the screen.
“A sense of humor is the only thing that keeps intelligent people from hanging themselves. “
Great. He was into quotes too. Really great.
“What does that even mean?”
Let him question her intelligence if he wanted. She was done humoring people.
“Let me explain over lunch”
She stopped in her tracks towards the kitchen. Well, she was hungry. And needed to get more groceries anyway. She figured she’d go on the date and later get groceries. It was convenient. She sighed.
“I’m not going to blow this chance again sweetheart.  Meet me out of the hospital in an hour.  :-)”
He must’ve gone to see his mother. She hadn’t been discharged yet.
“See you then.”


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