Posted: December 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

A continuation from LOST CAUSE 5

What was it they said about crying? Crying isn’t crying until it’s messy. He stood still, slightly surprised at Mandy’s sudden outburst.  He took in the deranged look in her red puffy eyes,  the thunderstorm of  tears as they flowed freely and her zero attempt to wipe them away. Her beautifully curved mouth was slightly opened and sounds, which appeared to be gasps or sobs filled the night air. And he definitely didn’t miss the scotch on her breath. Just great. She’d been drinking again. Sheldon angled his head and stared, at a loss, at the pearl-shaped tears that were rolling down her cheeks and splashing on her T-shirt. Actually, that was his T-shirt. He sighed. He was sure that that river of tears had blurred her vision and she could therefore barely see him. So he stood in front of her, awkwardly. He never really did know how to handle a weeping woman.  He should try and comfort her, he supposed. But with the current state of affairs, he wasn’t sure if his touch would be welcomed, let alone appreciated. He couldn’t even meet her eyes as he racked his brain for anything that he may have done that would make her cry. He supposed the divorce was a good departure point. He looked awkwardly at his feet, guilty like a student being chastised by his teacher. 
“Umm babe? You okay?” He tried timidly.
She cried harder, her upper body convulsing erratically. God, this was going to be a long night.


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