Posted: December 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Another long Autumn day has come and is going away,
And so they know it’s eventually time to get used to whatever void that’s present in parts of their leftover hearts,
It’s been a long time coming, this realization.  They know that too.
A distant fear that either refuses to acknowledge gnaws somewhere in his chest and her stomach,
Perhaps to drum home the unsurprising results of this realization.
There is no changing the present situation, leave alone the past,
No wishing for time to turn back and in a twisted way, change the situation to suit them,
This void, complete with exhausting fear and infinite uncertainties is what they get,
No qualms.
And so they think they might find a way to work around the fears and the uncertainties,
They try to find other souls to bear these burdens with them,
But people can only take too much,
And soon, they’re alone again-in worse states,
No hope of filling their voids,
Except maybe through each other.


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