The Book Thief.

Posted: December 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

She leaned down and looked
at his lifeless face and Leisel
kissed her best friend, Rudy
Steiner, soft and true on his
lips. He tasted dusty and
sweet. He tasted like regret
in the shadows of trees and
in the glow of the anarchist’s
suit collection. She kissed
him long and soft, and when
she pulled herself away, she
touched his mouth with her
fingers…She did not say
goodbye. She was incapable,
and after a few more
minutes at his side, she was
able to tear herself from the
ground. It amazes me what
humans can do, even when
streams are flowing down
their faces and they stagger
Markus Zusak , The Book Thief

  1. Melody Mwose says:

    The book thief is truly an amazing book…Loved every page of it.

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