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She wasn’t disappointed, neither was he,
Nearly two years later,
a million love songs later,
double heartbreaks later,
zero regrets later,
An ocean of tears later,
Countless laughs later,
They weren’t disappointed.
And he looked into her once dull eyes, now vibrant with all the colours in the world, and smiled-
A heart-melting smile that would charm the the embers of her heart years from now,
Their intense stare lasted a second longer then turned to their interlocked hands, where the fingers fit perfectly in the spaces of their hands,
She laughed shyly, catching her lower lip between her teeth,
That they’ve made it this far is surprising, shocking even,
And she’s looking forward to a trillion other love songs,
A forever that surpasses any infinity,
She wouldn’t mind a couple more heartbreaks from him,
Maybe two more oceans of tears,
And laughter. She wouldn’t mind laughter.
Just as long as he’s around for all these.
She wouldn’t mind.



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A continuation from LOST CAUSE 5

What was it they said about crying? Crying isn’t crying until it’s messy. He stood still, slightly surprised at Mandy’s sudden outburst.  He took in the deranged look in her red puffy eyes,  the thunderstorm of  tears as they flowed freely and her zero attempt to wipe them away. Her beautifully curved mouth was slightly opened and sounds, which appeared to be gasps or sobs filled the night air. And he definitely didn’t miss the scotch on her breath. Just great. She’d been drinking again. Sheldon angled his head and stared, at a loss, at the pearl-shaped tears that were rolling down her cheeks and splashing on her T-shirt. Actually, that was his T-shirt. He sighed. He was sure that that river of tears had blurred her vision and she could therefore barely see him. So he stood in front of her, awkwardly. He never really did know how to handle a weeping woman.  He should try and comfort her, he supposed. But with the current state of affairs, he wasn’t sure if his touch would be welcomed, let alone appreciated. He couldn’t even meet her eyes as he racked his brain for anything that he may have done that would make her cry. He supposed the divorce was a good departure point. He looked awkwardly at his feet, guilty like a student being chastised by his teacher. 
“Umm babe? You okay?” He tried timidly.
She cried harder, her upper body convulsing erratically. God, this was going to be a long night.


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A continuation from LOST CAUSE 6.
The heavens knew Sheldon was tired of always messing up. He hated promising her that he would do better then didn’t. He hated disappointing Mandy, and so with a heavy heart he drove home. He’d tried to get out of the party held at the office early, but hadn’t been able to. His extremely enthusiastic boss had made him stay to give a speech and when he was about to leave, some blonde bimbos had accosted him and demanded a dance. He’d tried to politely decline but they’d been insistent. And so once again, he wasn’t going to make it home for dinner with his family. His family.  He smiled despite the depressive feeling that was weighing him down. He was excited. He was going to be a dad. The thought has never fully registered in his mind. 
He was hoping it would be a little girl, he’d grown up with a bunch of four brothers who’d bullied him to no end. He wanted to spoil his little girl, although his normally reliable instincts told him Mandy wouldn’t be too thrilled about the idea of him spoiling their daughter. As he navigated through the cul-de-sac that led into their house, he supposed that he wouldn’t have a problem if it was a boy. He’d still be a dad either way. He pulled into the driveway and sat in his car for about five more minutes thinking about all the vague explanations he was about to give. God, he hated this.  Well at least the lights were still on.  That meant Mandy was still awake and probably wanted to talk. He sighed as he walked over to the front door and opened it with his keys.
“Babe, I’m home. “
He hung his coat near the front door and walked to the kitchen as he untied his tie. He stood still for exactly one second, eyes widened, all colour drained from his suddenly sweaty face as he took in the limp body of his wife lying unmoving on the kitchen tiles. Then he was all over the place, bending over her form. He turned her over gently and another bout of shock hit him as he stared at all the blood flowing from between her legs. “Bloody hell! The baby”
His breath came out in short, quick gulps like a fish struggling to breath outside water. She had a weak pulse when he touched the side of her neck.
“God, Mandy don’t die on me, “
“Where the hell is my damn phone” he felt for his cell phone in his pockets and dialled for the ambulance.
Horizontal wrinkles had appeared on his forehead and a chilling fear crowned with goosebumps filled him. If she died, it would be on him.This was his fault. More than ever he wished he’d come home early. Shit. He was such a screw up. With his hands to his face, a sob escaped shocking him as it penetrated the late night stillness. He didn’t think he would ever forgive himself if he lost either of them. The Incessant ambulance sirens shook him out of his sobbing stupor. He made a resolve right there and then,  should they die, he would follow soon.


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Continuation from LOST CAUSE 4

Mandy wasn’t sure she liked the arrogant, rude and generally cold man who had accosted her at the hospital. His whole demeanor screamed TROUBLE. The determined set of his broad shoulders however told a different story. He’d said, arrogantly too that his name was Sheldon. Sheldon Hill. She looked at the crisp text lighting up her phone and confirmed again in her mind that Sheldon Hill was an arrogant bastard who wouldn’t mind his own business.
Meet for lunch later today? “
How the hell did he get her number. This was creepy in all kinds of ways. And yet a frisson of electricity was passing through her frame. She was excited, and she couldn’t tell why. Maybe it was the possibility of getting back into the dating scene. God knows it had been a long time.
“How did you get my number? “
She threw her phone aside and bit her thumb nail. “Why did I reply?” She chides herself.  She should have outrightly ignored the damn text.
Her phone vibrates from the corner of her beige sofa. She grabs for it. The same number she hasn’t saved yet.
“Let’s just say I’m resourceful ;-)”
Was that a wink he’d sent?
Mandy giggled despite herself. “Maybe I should agree to this lunch date so I make myself absolutely clear that I’m not interested in whatever he wants. ” An irritating voice somewhere in her mind tells her to keep telling herself that lie.
She rubs her face tiredly, grits her teeth and instinctively makes a decision.
She hits send and lets out slowly the breath she hadn’t realized she was holding. Barely three seconds later, her phone vibrates.
“I love small victories. :-)”
Mandy couldn’t believe the guy. Was he seriously rubbing her affirmative answer in her face? Biting her lower lip, she typed,
“Here’s what you can do with your small victory, take it to lunch”
Jesus,  she should’ve known the arrogance wouldn’t just fade away on a whim. A vibration.
“You’re my small victory. And I’m taking you to lunch. “
“God in heaven! What kind of unrefined person did you put in my path?” She decided she wasn’t even going to respond to his text. She had too much going on in her life right now to deal with uncouth sadists.
An hour into her house cleaning her phone vibrated again. She sighed as she walked over to her couch and rolled her eyes as she looked at the screen.
“A sense of humor is the only thing that keeps intelligent people from hanging themselves. “
Great. He was into quotes too. Really great.
“What does that even mean?”
Let him question her intelligence if he wanted. She was done humoring people.
“Let me explain over lunch”
She stopped in her tracks towards the kitchen. Well, she was hungry. And needed to get more groceries anyway. She figured she’d go on the date and later get groceries. It was convenient. She sighed.
“I’m not going to blow this chance again sweetheart.  Meet me out of the hospital in an hour.  :-)”
He must’ve gone to see his mother. She hadn’t been discharged yet.
“See you then.”


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Another long Autumn day has come and is going away,
And so they know it’s eventually time to get used to whatever void that’s present in parts of their leftover hearts,
It’s been a long time coming, this realization.  They know that too.
A distant fear that either refuses to acknowledge gnaws somewhere in his chest and her stomach,
Perhaps to drum home the unsurprising results of this realization.
There is no changing the present situation, leave alone the past,
No wishing for time to turn back and in a twisted way, change the situation to suit them,
This void, complete with exhausting fear and infinite uncertainties is what they get,
No qualms.
And so they think they might find a way to work around the fears and the uncertainties,
They try to find other souls to bear these burdens with them,
But people can only take too much,
And soon, they’re alone again-in worse states,
No hope of filling their voids,
Except maybe through each other.

I’m Tired: Hail the New Year

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Couldn’t have written this any better.

Changes ( Poem)

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