Posted: November 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

A surge of wind heavy with precipitation cooes over their bowed heads,
A cloud of dust swirls in the vicinity ahead creating an illusion of a ghostly figure,
A frail twig snaps out of a swaying branch and falls lifeless to the ground,
The wind cooes on, an eerie melancholic moan that instigates goosebumps on her bare arms,
With increasing trepidation, he turns up the collar of his thin shirt and offers his warm jacket to her,
She hesitates,
The wind blows on, as if to mock them,
A dark, ugly cloud forces its eerie self into the clear blue sky- an imminent torrential downpour,
At his urgent squeeze of her arm, she takes the jacket and sinks into his warmth and exhilarating scent,
They hold hands tighter, as they would a lifeline,
The sky opens up and drop after painful drop cascades on their frames,
An almighty roar from the heavens nearly stops her heart,
He is trying to appear strong for her, but he never did like storms,
A flash of lightning illuminates the whole sky and he catches a glimpse of her terrified expression; He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her to his side-an attempt of reassurance,
He would get them through this.
The dark clouds squeeze more moisture like a weeping woman,
And the earth fills up,
The biting cold instead slices at his skin,
They sojourn on through the violent weather heads down,
The wind cooes on, a sad , unending tale.


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