Posted: November 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Once upon his twenty-first year, he took a step,
An inevitable step,
A step whose necessity was engraved somewhere in the dark chambers of his heart,
This step would get him to an almost heavenly destination,
In his illusion of his utopic destination, he took more steps,
Long, exaggerated ones this time,
The prospect of getting to his heaven was breath- taking,
He couldn’t wait to experience heaven’s definition of love,
His excitement was bursting at the seams of his heart,
He would finally find love.
He looked to the heavens and laughed.
More steps ensued. He would break into a run if he could.
But numerous steps later, he stumbled only on a shocking darkness- a darkness that throttled his near-perfect utopia,
Regrets congregated in his now depressed mind,
He almost wished he hadn’t taken any step.
But he remembers, oh he remembers the exhilaration when he was taking his steps,
The rush of adrenaline as he looked forward to his heaven,
The unbelievable happiness those countless minute steps brought,
And he forces his regrets to hide somewhere at the back of his mind,
He’ll take whatever he can get, however dark or depressing,
Getting here was worth it,
His steps were worth it.


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