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If you truly want to hear about it, then you’d no doubt want to know about the the piercing silvery eyes that were watching God, or His equivalent, a statue, portrait, figure-whatever, that was stoically staring down at him from it’s position on the extremely decorated wall. You’d want to hear about the raw emotions that were creating a geyser somewhere in his stomach, threatening to erupt in a volley of steam at any moment.
Still, he watched God.
And God watched him.
The loud silence was eerily noticeable in the gigantic church. It seemed to stretch on from the rows of empty pews to the high doors at the entrance.
He should probably not look at the crucifix in such rage. He should tame his expression-school it to suit the environment. But he can’t.
He knows in his confused mind that he shouldn’t blame God, he shouldn’t glare daggers at the figure on the wall.
Didn’t the same God not get him out of a tough place once upon a hard time?
He begrudgingly breaks eye contact with God and wills his emotions to tame themselves.
He looks down at his folded hands, still confused,
Maybe he should ask for an answer instead, an insight as to why it had to happen,
If he was lucky, he would even get an encounter with God Himself.
He chuckles, glancing back at God.
Would He chance an encounter with little him? He doubts it.
Perhaps in another lifetime.
His raw emotions have surprisingly subsided and the geyser has turned into a garden of roses, blooming with majestic petals.
He looks up at God, and smiles, his silvery eyes crinkling at the sides.
He swears he almost sees God smiling back.




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I was sure by now, God you would have reached down and wiped my tears away, stepped in and saved the day. But once again, I say amen and it’s still raining, but as the thunder rolls; I barely hear you whisper through the rain “I’m with you”
And as your mercy falls I raise my hands and praise the God who gives ; and takes away.

ThIs iS The enD

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Everyday when the clock strikes nine, the pulse of his heart quickens,
He has never understood the idiocy of his pulsating heart at that particular time,
Maybe it’s the wave of a lavender scent that ignites a fire in the pit of his stomach,
Maybe it’s the mythical figure that lines the entrance of the coffee shop,
It might be the enchanting pair of deep, large eyes,
He knows his soul is transparent to those eyes,
Maybe it’s the full lips that curve sensually to the coffee cup,
Or the delicate fingers wrapped around the equally delicate coffee cup,
The possible reasons to his quickening heartbeat don’t matter just now,
If he doesn’t touch those high cheekbones-he will die,
Drop dead right in the middle of the coffee shop,
If he could just feel those beautifully arched brows, he wouldn’t mind dying,
Perhaps he should feign an accident, his coffee should accidentally spill on her crystal blouse,
Then he would touch her,
Even if just for a second,
His heart races a marathon in the embers of his chest,
Before he acts on his “smooth” whim, she rises gracefully from her seat, smooth clear complexion reflected by the shop’s decent lighting,
His heartbeat slows considerably,
In disappointment, perhaps sulking that it’s owner didn’t act fast enough,
The unearthly beauty would be back.
Tomorrow at nine it will dance again.


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A surge of wind heavy with precipitation cooes over their bowed heads,
A cloud of dust swirls in the vicinity ahead creating an illusion of a ghostly figure,
A frail twig snaps out of a swaying branch and falls lifeless to the ground,
The wind cooes on, an eerie melancholic moan that instigates goosebumps on her bare arms,
With increasing trepidation, he turns up the collar of his thin shirt and offers his warm jacket to her,
She hesitates,
The wind blows on, as if to mock them,
A dark, ugly cloud forces its eerie self into the clear blue sky- an imminent torrential downpour,
At his urgent squeeze of her arm, she takes the jacket and sinks into his warmth and exhilarating scent,
They hold hands tighter, as they would a lifeline,
The sky opens up and drop after painful drop cascades on their frames,
An almighty roar from the heavens nearly stops her heart,
He is trying to appear strong for her, but he never did like storms,
A flash of lightning illuminates the whole sky and he catches a glimpse of her terrified expression; He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her to his side-an attempt of reassurance,
He would get them through this.
The dark clouds squeeze more moisture like a weeping woman,
And the earth fills up,
The biting cold instead slices at his skin,
They sojourn on through the violent weather heads down,
The wind cooes on, a sad , unending tale.

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