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Two days. Forty-eight long hours and he hadn’t called her. Mandy was angry. Didn’t five years of marriage mean anything to him? Well obviously not, because here she was pacing furiously in her aunt’s tiny living room her index finger firmly caught between her teeth. She checked her phone probably for the millionth time that day. Fine. Wouldn’t he at the very least call just for the sake of finding out the divorce details? Any sane man who didn’t want to keep his nagging wife around would. Mandy chuckled humorlessly; Sheldon was probably holed up somewhere with his mistress having kinky celebratory sex to thank the heavens for their new-found freedom. Her hands balled into tiny fists. Angry tears were already threatening to fall. No. She wouldn’t let her thoughts drift in that dangerous territory. Besides,  there wasn’t any real proof that he’d cheated. Only if one counted the late private calls he’d excuse himself to go answer in his study.Then there was the constant “business” trips, plus he was forever getting home late and giving silly excuses that would only fool a child. Well Mandy was no child and God help him if he was cheating on her.
She leaned against the wall near the fireplace and sighed in defeat. Sheldon would never cheat. And to be honest, she didn’t think she would go through with the divorce, her initial resolve to leave him didn’t matter. She loved him. It just really hurt that she’d been away for two damn days and Sheldon hadn’t called or drove out here to work out things.
Aunt Shelley had said she’d support her no matter what she decided to do. It’s just that now she had absolutely no idea what she wanted to do. Should she call him? Maybe something had happened to him. Oh God, was he okay?  She decided she’d go over there with the pretext of getting her remaining stuff, see if he was okay or was just ignoring her.
But wouldn’t going back beat the whole purpose of leaving? Whether she liked it or not they still hadn’t worked out their list of problems. Did she really want to go back to the insults and increasing insolence even when she didn’t know what she’d done wrong? Hell. This indecision wasn’t thrilling. She needed a drink. She glimpsed  a bottle of scotch at the kitchen counter and sauntered over to it. The scotch burnt a clear path down her throat to her stomach. She didn’t even mind that she was drinking directly from the bottle, she hadn’t planned on any of this when they had exchanged their vows. “To love and to cherish” She let out a sarcastic laugh taking another swipe from the bottle. She remembered she hadn’t eaten anything and should probably go easy on the scotch.
“Babe, why don’t you stop working, I can take care of us,” he’d dropped the suggestion on her when they lay sated after an episode of passionate love making.
No, sweetheart, you know I love my job. Besides, what would I do just sitting at home? “
“Take care of our babies? ” he was touching her hair.
Mandy covered her face with both her hands recalling how she had melted at those words. He wanted to start a family with her. Taking another long drink from the scotch bottle, she staggered over to the couch in the living room and collapsed on it one leg dangling over the edge. Yeah right. Babies.
Well right about now she had no babies to take care of and soon she’d be having no husband to love and to cherish either.
She laughed. Long and loud laughs that radiated as hiccups. And when she began she couldn’t stop. She laughed at the unfortunate twist that her life had taken. She laughed as scenes from her grand wedding flashed before her eyes. She laughed as she looked at the nearly empty bottle of scotch and at herself for quitting her job to take care of her family.
“Okay sweetheart, if it’ll make you happy, ” she’d kissed him and they’d had another round of love making.
It all sounded so comical to her. That she should sacrifice her career for her family, for love and then have that love turn right back and spit in her face was all so funny.
The door bell rang, a loud incessant shrill that made her drop the scotch bottle. She laughed. A loud knock followed. She laughed.
She slowly stood up and stepped on the small puddle of scotch on the living room floor. She laughed again staggering towards the door. She yanked it open and with hazy eyes saw the brown of his hair first before taking in the stupid black coat he usually wore when he wanted to appear in control. His ears were red and Mandy unconsciously registered that he was nervous.
“Umm hi babe, can we talk? ” He was unsure.
She started crying.

To be continued.


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