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“Arrogant bastard” Mandy swore under her breath. He thought he could just strut in here and order people around like he owned the place? God, she despised egotistical men. That had been the sole reason why it hadn’t worked out with Evan, well that and the disgusting way he checked out waitresses when they were at a restaurant.  She was done with relationships for now anyway. She needed to fully focus on her internship at the hospital and work hard towards getting a scholarship for her masters program. A relationship would only derail her from her noble cause.
As she made her usual rounds at the hospital, she couldn’t help but think of the dramatic turn that her life had taken. She laughed, a  humorless laugh when she imagined her asshole dad rolling in his grave should he see her now. He’d always thought Mandy would end up like him-miserable, alone and a drug addict. Well the alone part was pretty much accomplished, but she was just so glad she’d escaped that horrible future her father had planned for her.
“Even cajoling stubborn patients to take their medication beat that life,” she thought as she smiled patiently at Mrs Hill’s irrational fear of medication.
“I could inject the medicine instead, so you don’t have to swallow it” she advised, smiling at the tired patient.
“Well that definitely sounds way better, just stick a needle in me why don’t you? ” she was sarcastic.
Mandy could guess where her son got his penchant for rudeness from. She didn’t even know his first name. What did she care what his first name was anyway?
Mrs Hill, I’m just following the doctor’s orders and frankly if you don’t take medicine your condition will deteriorate and i’m afraid you’ll die” she was getting impatient.
Mrs Hill looked at her with heavily lidded eyes and demanded to speak to her son.
Mandy sighed.
Visiting hours aren’t till 5pm, besides didn’t you just talk to him? “
Before Mrs Hill could reply the door opened and the arrogant son from earlier on stepped inside, a bag of food at his hand.
Hi mum, I brought the food you asked for” he was enthusiastic for some reason.
Excuse me Sir, I’m afraid you can’t be here, visiting hours are over. “
The man stared daggers at her and didn’t even justify her statement with a reply. He walked over to his mother and started dishing out food.
I’m calling security. ” she wouldn’t let this insolent person win.
Look lady,” he began hotly. “My mother is unwell, scared and hates hospital food. Sue me if I’m not about to sit around and watch her eat that shit”
God, she hated her job sometimes. And Mrs Hill was smirking over at her bed. The fight went out of her, so she nodded.
Just this once then, and please hurry.”
She registered the shock on the son’s face and mentally rolled her eyes. He’d probably thought she wouldn’t back down. Well, she really wasn’t in the mood for arguing with men spoilt rotten by their dotting mothers.
I_thanks” he stammered, uncertain.
And while you’re at it, please tell her to take her medication. ” she shot back.
All that while Mrs Hill travelled her eyes back and forth between her son and the nurse,  the annoying smirk still plastered to her lips.
She supposed she should hang around just in case someone had to explain to hospital security why a patient had a visitor during non-visiting hours.
She looked at the cream hospital walls instead of at the weird pair as they talked and ate. Soon her eyes involuntarily and by utter accident moved to the son. She really should find something to refer to him other than “the son”
He was tall, she’d give him that.  Maybe 6’3 or 6’4. Sandy brown hair that occasionally fell over his eyes, longer at the front and shorter at the back marred his round face. He was as pale as his mother, although his ears were currently red.She wondered why. She would later find out that that was a nasty nervous habit of his. She couldn’t gauge the appearance of his eyes because of the angle he was sitting at. He was attractive enough. She could get used to staring at the way his large hands ran over his hair. His hair looked soft, for some reason she wanted to touch it.
“Would you like a pizza?”
She wouldn’t mind running her fingers into that soft mass of hair. Or touch that strong jaw.
Excuse me, Mandy? “
Someone was talking, disrupting her day dreaming.
Huh?” She was shocked to find the pair staring at her eyebrows raised. “I_what? Did you need something? “
Just wondering if you cared for a pizza” something was amusing him because the corner of his lips lifted.
“No, no thanks. I already ate.” Had he just called her Mandy? She didn’t get the memo informing her that they were on first name terms. Hell, she didn’t even know his first name.
That’s fine. I only asked to be polite anyway. ” he laughed.
Politeness never bothered you before, so don’t start now” she was angry.  Had she really thought “the son”was attractive? His character certainly wasn’t.
Mrs Hill, you really need to take your medicine. I have to finish my rounds.” There was a note of finality in her voice.
Yeah mum, you need to.” The son piped in.
She finally agreed, thanks to the pleading voice the son had used.
Thank you, Mrs Hill, I’ll be back by 7 to check your blood pressure. Get some rest.” She looked at the son silently announcing it was time he left.
The son grinned as he stood up, kissed his mother on the cheek, promised to visit the following day and walked out.
Mandy closed the door and followed him out.
The name’s Sheldon,  Sheldon Hill” he said smirking as he walked towards the elevator.


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