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It was raining in torrents by the time Sheldon left work. Any person in their right mind would have waited in the office till the rain stopped, but Sheldon was not in his right mind. On the contrary he was having a panic attack. Why oh why didn’t his mother never listen and dutifully take her medication? He looked at the dark, angry sky and made a bee line for his car.The rain pelted him painfully as he hurriedly tried to unlock his car, dropping his keys in the process. He swore loudly as he bent down to pick the keys pushing his wet hair out of his eyes. “Damn this damned rain” he thought, getting into his car all wet.
He didn’t mind that he wasn’t supposed to drive in this terrible weather. Visibility was next to nil and no doubt the road was slippery. He started the car and headed for the hospital.
Someone-undoubtedly an inexperienced nurse had called him twenty minutes ago, and calmly asked him if he could go to to the hospital as he was listed as the next of kin in a patient’s identification documents and could he hurry. Sheldon had known right away his mother hadn’t taken her medication again and had asked the oh-so-calm nurse what hospital she’d been taken to-she took her sweet time to respond and when she finally came back to the line, he was ready to throttle her. “What kind of nurse doesn’t know the hospital she works in?” he angrily thought as he sped on the highway towards the hospital.
By the time he was parking at the hospital’s parking lot, it had thankfully stopped raining. He dashed to the reception, said his mother’s name and was accompanied to her hospital room.She was pale, her lips had turned bluish and he noticed her pupils were dilated. The doctor, a lanky guy whose name tag read Dr. Jones was hovering over her while a young, shy-looking nurse stood just near the water drip trying to look important but generally failing. God help him if that was the nurse he’d talked to. He shot her a dirty glare and walked over to his mother’s bed.
Hi mum, how are you feeling?” He said gently, tucking her greying hair behind her ears.
Just fine son,” she all but croaked, I told these people not to panic, I just forgot a single dose.But trust doctors to panic. ” She coughed.
“Mum, you can’t keep doing that, forgetting. One day you won’t be so lucky.” He tried to look stern but his mother was already smiling-his grim face broke into a smile too.
Doctor Jones cleared his throat loudly and asked to talk to him outside. He kissed his mother on the cheek and stepped out sidestepping the awkward looking nurse.
Your mother was lucky she got here on time. She wouldn’t have been so lucky if she’d gotten here a second later. She can’t keep skipping her medication for chronic kidney disease, her body will soon resist the medication and that’ll be done.
Sheldon said he understood and that he would talk to her. They were going to keep her for a few more days.
He stepped back into the room and nearly collided with the clumsy nurse. Her folder fell down and she fell against him, her full breasts on his chest. He couldn’t help it, he was aroused. Shit. He tried for anger.
“Will you watch where you’re going? Does the hospital normally employ such incompetent staff?”
“I’m sorry Mr. Lombard, it was an accident. ” Her voice, was that same calm voice on the phone.
He sidestepped her and let her pick the folder on her own.He wasn’t feeling too gentlemanly, especially in the circumstances.
“If you’re the nurse in charge of my mother, see to it that she’s well taken care of. “ he added scathingly giving the nurse a once-over.
On a second look, he appreciated what he saw. Luscious lips that had the barest hint of pink lipstick, a trim waist, she was slightly curvy and her navy blue nurse uniform didn’t do her justice. He was already having images of her in a tight dress. He shook his head, feigning a headache and glanced at her face. It was heart-shaped, if that was even possible. He supposed she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but her green almond shaped eyes drew him.They reminded him of spring and friendliness or a tall tree.
He cleared his throat, the nurse was staring at him like he was an overbearing jerk.
“That will be all” he told her briskly as if dismissing his errant assistant.
She gave him a cool glare and stalked out.
As she turned for the door, he caught the name on her tag;
Mandy Hill.
To be continued.

  1. David says:

    I mighy quit law school to keep reading your writing ….

  2. David kiplelgo says:

    I might quit to be a proof reader but I will work for free just to enjoy the writing of a good writer

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