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You know how a ship or a boat tosses and sways and eventually sinks when the waters are rough and the tempest is raging? That’s how Sheldon knew that his company was going under. Driving home from work, completely worn out, he thought of the possibilities of salvaging the company. None came to mind. He sighed, stopping at the red traffic light. He thought of his failing business, his deteriorating marriage and sighed again heavily. Mandy had been distant lately. He missed her radiant smile that welcomed him home every evening after work.And why didn’t she wear her little red dress that showed off her mile long legs anymore?  And that pink lipstick that drove him crazy.God, whatever had happened to them?
A loud persistent honking jerked him from his reverie. The green light. It was good to go. He nosed his way through their suburban neighborhood and swiftly parked the car in their well-mowed driveway.
He didn’t even like this neighborhood. Mandy had insisted on living here. He hated their nosey neighbors and their equally nosey children. But for Mandy, he’d take it all.
He sauntered over to the front door and let himself in. “I’m home babe” he shouted unenthusiastically. He supposed he only called her babe out of habit. Half the time she got irritated when he used that term of endearment. No response.She was probably out back watering her forget-me-nots. That damn garden, no, he wouldn’t be negative. Mandy loved that garden and that’s all that mattered.
The house was eerily silent as he walked out back and didn’t see her. He unfastened his tie as he navigated his way into their bedroom. Maybe she went out to get some groceries. There hadn’t been any milk this morning, he recalled.
He walked over to their closet and hung his tie then noticed that the closet was unusually spacey. He looked for his wife’s green coat that occasionally took all the space if he didn’t squash it somewhere at the back of the closet. It wasn’t there. Her nike duffel bag that he’d bought her on their honeymoon in Paris was missing too, and so were most of her clothes. “No, she wouldn’t dare.” He thought. “She loves me, she wouldn’t leave me” He laughed because the idea of her leaving sounded funny. He turned and looked at the general area of the bedroom and noticed a note on his side of the bed.He nearly fell down on his face in his hurry to get to the note. He opened it and slowly sunk to the floor. He couldn’t believe his eyes and so he read it again;
I’m sorry I can’t handle everything we’re going through anymore. I didn’t sign up for all this and I want a divorce.I’m at Aunt Shelly’s for a while.
She wanted a divorce? After everything they’d been through she wanted to throw it all away? And for what-she couldn’t handle everything they were going through. He was livid with anger now. He stood up and walked over to the closet and started throwing his clothes onto the floor. A divorce. She wouldn’t get one, no way was he going to let her leave him. He forced himself to keep calm.He’d talk to her.That’s right,  he’d call her at her aunt’s and try and convince her to come back. He’d try for them, if it’s the last thing he did.


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