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The cuddle felt more like I was staring down the barrel of a gun. I could have sworn that I smelt the vague waft of gun powder, but all that must have been just my active imagination. You see, luckily I live in the twenty-first century. Its 2014 and I’m twenty five to be exact. Twenty five and I still feel the need to occasionally be cuddled and reassured that everything will be alright.
However, no amount of cuddles can reassure uncertain things. It’s almost like playing chess game where your opponent is experienced and knows exactly what to do with his knight. If you aren’t careful, you would never see it coming until your king is down. That’s what happens when someone gives you part of themselves. Tid bits. Almost like a burger without the cheese. You feel like something is owed to you, yet you can’t ask. You…

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Swollen Facts

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Aubrey's Arch


I’m not shocked

by nothing anymore


At all you see


What is real to me

is universal grime


I’m doing just fine


It’s hit my kind

with ghosts of time


Ghosts getting time


I’m not surprised

by ghostly eyes


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Not all advice is equal. Even the best intentions don’t make for the best suggestions.

What’s the worst piece of advice you’ve been given at university?

You may have heard some of the following before. Don’t get sucked in!

1. “1st Year Doesn’t Count.”

When all you need to do is pass, you may think there’s no difference between getting 40% and 70% or higher. Just do what you need to get through and spend most of your time enjoying everything else.

Bad move.

Putting in the effort helps you to progress. Without it, you won’t be so prepared for the next year, when your marks do count. There is no easy way to catch up either, as a lot of the process is about technique and practice and abstract links. You can’t bring yourself up to speed with a bit of cramming and rote learning.

Dismissing the importance…

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Miss Trust…

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Wasted Times.

Insecurity rears it’s ugly head,

taunting me with doubt…

The thinking sends me backwards,

my trust turns inside out.

Past loves echo through my head,

I’ve been fooled and hurt before.

I need you to reassure me.

Reassure me, just once more…

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Wasted Times.

The vibe is clear.

Suddenly you’re insincere

I’m sensing an unfriendly air.

I find it hard to persevere,

I feel no longer wanted there.

I’ll pay the dues to make things square,

then quietly I’ll disappear.


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Thinking aloud.

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I don’t know about the cars but the happiness part I’m definitely looking forward to.

Heartspeak by Mel

I was thinking, ‘I’ll be fifty someday’, well that’s a scary thought which I want to document. Where will I be? What will I look like? What will I have accomplished by then? So many questions!, but I am like that, I suppose, I question things…because i want to understand, and this a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one sentence. My questions have gotten me some things and lost me others. See people don’t like questions, they do not like their actions or motives questioned. Yes, so, Fifty years old someday. I will be a  wife to someone,the adjective to be placed before wife will be clearly a matter of opinion,but I like to think i will make a spectacular wife to some lucky chap, a mother to beautiful twins ( Lord, I hope you are listening) and maybe i will finally drive that Audi Q7 that…

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“Do you umm want to er get you know, coffee? Sometime?  I mean I’d absolutely understand if you didn’t want to, but coffee? Umm please? ”
Mandy and Sheldon both burst out into loud laughter at Mandy’s perfect impersonation of Sheldon.
“No babe, I didn’t use that whiny voice. I oozed confidence, and oh boy, did you want me.” He tickled her sides.
Squirming in discomfort, Mandy giggled like a love-struck teenager as she leaned back into her husband’s chest.
“Don’t tickle me, you know I hate that” Her bottom lip jutted out in a pout.  “ Besides, your ears were all red. They looked like Ron Weasley’s” She kissed his nose.
Who’s Ron Weasley babe? “
Mandy rolled her eyes. She wasn’t about to start explaining to him about Harry Potter,  AGAIN. He honestly didn’t get anything she ever said about books anyway. She’d stop altogether.
She stood up from where there’d been cuddling on the couch watching T.V and walked over to the kitchen.
“Babe, who’s Ron Weasley? ” he asked again, flipping through the channels.
She changed the subject instead.
I can’t believe you still don’t know I don’t take coffee. Your cluelessness is annoying sometimes. “
“But you took coffee on our first date.” He looked adorable with his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
Mandy smiled despite herself. 
“No sweetheart, it was a diet soda” she turned and fished out a box of milk from the fridge, and when she looked back Sheldon was right in front of her grinning.
“You didn’t get much sleep last night babe. Is that why you’re so cranky? ” He was touching her cheek with the tip of his fingers.
I’m not cranky. ” She stepped around him to get a glass.
Well,  for starters,  you didn’t tell me who Ron Weasley is.” His lips were lifted up slightly, unsure if laughing would be a good thing or not.
“Can we not do this now? Besides,  I’ve been telling you who Ron Weasley was for the past 2 years. “ She sipped her milk looking at him exasperated from the top of her glass.
Sheldon laughed and pulled her over to him, his arms snaking around her waist. Amid lingering kisses on her cheek, he said,
I was (kiss) just (kiss)kidding (kiss) babe, I know (kiss) who Ron Weasley is. I promise. (Kiss)
Mandy giggled as she set her glass of milk on the kitchen counter and looked up meeting the tender softness of his intense green eyes. Her fingers moved to his hair, entwining in his soft light brown hair. They were now looking at each other with mutual intensity, arousal apparent in their eyes. Comfortable silence floated around them as Sheldon removed one arm from her waist and cupped her chin. He leaned in and traced his lips on the lines of her jaw, her sensitive collar bone and a frisson of excitement passed through her frame making her shudder. The hand at her waist moved to her arms caressing her satiny skin. She could feel his arousal, and couldn’t stop her heart from exaggerating it’s beats.
He leaned in even closer and their eyes slowly lulled shut and she waited for his lips to descend on hers. Two heartbeats later, lip touched lip, gently; and sparks flew.  Sheldon could feel the gentle rise and fall of her chest as she clung to him in reckless abandon. He nibbled at her lower lip and a warm feeling that curled her toes spread throughout her, as their lips and tongue tangled as if in combat. A faint moan escaped him and he kissed her deeply, hands cupping the back of her neck. As he came up for air, she whined at the loss of lip contact; their foreheads were still pressed together.
I really know who Ron Weasley is”
She laughed.