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Mandy didn’t understand why she had to be the one to change. She wasn’t the one who was too controlling, lying constantly or cautiously insulting.  Maybe she was being too negative.  Maybe her criticism had driven him over the edge. Made him unusually vulgar and insolent towards her. Yes. Maybe it was all her fault that he was like that.
But for the life of her, she didn’t get the part where she had to be the one to truly change. Try as she might he utterly refused to notice her subtle compliments when he had on her favorite blue tie or when she dressed up nicely for him and he didn’t even notice the extra dab of pink lipstick that she added to her plump lips. He didn’t even kiss her goodnight anymore. They were a lost cause. She now knew it as she slid against the cold wall to sit on the floor of her bedroom. There was no use grappling to salvage something that was already dead and gone. It was utterly exhausting. So she wasn’t going to change. Not for him or anyone else. “She’d leave.” That was her final resolve as she hurriedly stood up and swayed on her feet, unbalanced, then scurried over to her closet and started packing. She’d leave him.Let him come home from work or wherever he went nowadays to an empty house. She’d leave him.
To be continued…


Once up on a time…

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Wasted Times.

We sit here together

our bodies well fed.

No words being spoken,

nil needs to be said.

The silence is peaceful,

there’s a calm in the air,

I’m content to be with you,

I like the time that we share.


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Bathe In Happiness

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This post is for those moments when you want to dig into a book without reading the book dedication or acknowledgement and you find them epicly written and you promise yourself you’ll read the next book from page to page-literally. These here are some of the book dedications that easily make my favourites. I have certainly not read all these books, some yes, but I got others off google.
So anyway,  the list.


Tobias Wolf “This Boy’s Life”
My first stepfather used to say that what I didn’t know would fill a book.  Well here it is.



Good Poems”
To all the English teachers, especially  the great ones.

Charles Bukowski, “Pulp”
Dedicared to bad writing.

Charles Bukowski, “Post Office”
This is presented as a work of fiction and dedicated to nobody.

Joseph J. Rotman, “An introduction to Algebraic Topology”
To my wife Marganit,
And my children Ella Rose and Daniel Adam
Without whom this book would have
Been completed two years earlier.

Lemony Snicket, “A Series of Unfortunate Events” Books 1-13
Lemony Snicket writes to Beatrice, a woman he loved and was engaged to until she broke off the engagement and died soon after.
To Beatrice-
Darling, dearest, dead. (The Bad Beginning)

For Beatrice
My love for you shall live forever.
You however did not. (The Reptile Room)

For Beatrice
I would much prefer it if you were alive and well. (The Wide Window)

To Beatrice
My love flew like a butterfly
Until death swooped down like a bat
As the poet Emma Montana said,
“That’s the end of that” (The Miserable Mill)

For Beatrice
You will always be in my heart,
In my mind,
And in your grave (The Austere Academy)

For Beatrice
When we met my life began
Soon afterwards yours ended (The Ersatz Elevator)

For Beatrice
When we were together I felt breathless
Now you are (The Vile Village)

For Beatrice
Summer without you is as cold as winter
Winter without you is even colder

For Beatrice
Our love broke my heart
And stopped yours (The Carnivorous Carnival)

For Beatrice
When we first met, you were pretty and I was lonely
Now I’m pretty lonely (The Slippery Slope)

For Beatrice
Dead  women tell no tales
Sad men write them down(The Grim Grotto)

For Beatrice
No one could extinguish my love  or your house (The Penultimate Peril)

For Beatrice
I cherished,  you perished
The world’s been nightmarished.

Sean Carroll,”The Particle at the End of the Universe”
To mom,
Who took me to the library.

Robb Hobb, “Ship of Magic”
To caffeine and sugar, my companions through many a long night of writing”

Jack Kerouac, ” Visions of Cody”
Dedicated to America, whatever that is.


Be true to you…

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Wasted Times.


You can fool the world

on the passage through life,

and get pats on the back as you pass…

But the truth will be there, 

at the end of the day,

when you’re facing yourself in the glass…





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Chopped liver…

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Wasted Times.

Chopped liver isn’t happy,

chopped liver isn’t thrilled…

It was meant to be a good time,

enjoyment unfulfilled.

Conversation wasn’t given,

no offer of a beer…

You offered me your company,

but you were clearly insincere.


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HigH SChoOL WoEs 2

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So I promised ages ago that there would be a sequel to “High School Woes” and today I’m on a roll, so I thought I should probably make good of that promise (however late)
However, there’s a serious plot twist to this sequel. You can recall that the prequel had alot of woes as I referred to them. I am supposed to introduce woes number 3, 4 and 5 and I can honestly think of so many problems with high school, I could write a book-but I’m not writing a book or posting woes number 3,4 and 5 because I am literally so over high school that even dedicating a series of complaints for the same doesn’t feel fulfilling anymore.
So for “High School Woes 2” there won’t be any ranting and raving about horrid teachers or north pole weather or short holidays. I am after all, too grown up to dwell on high school.