Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, I’ve battled my writer’s block AND won. Yay. For that exciting reason, there will be no more not posting while giving the pathetic reason of having no internet access.

First post this year and I’m already making promises I can’t keep, but that’s just my personality, saying (or in this case, writing )stuff confidently and chickening out when it comes to the real thing.

Speaking of personality, who would have thought that thinking of writing “20 things nobody knows about me” would be my timely rescue from my month-long writer’s block? I saw something similar to that title and thought I could easily write stuff about myself, after all, I know me best.

So readers, look out for that post early tomorrow, and I really mean early tomorrow. I promise I won’t postpone posting that post. Really.

OH. Happy belated New Year everyone.

Hope you all had a great Valentine too, I know I did (that is if you count holding your pillow the whole day as great!)




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