Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Soo, it’s December again. Don’t worry readers, seen and unseen alike, I’m not about to “kill the mood” I’m completely over the moon about the year coming to an end, I mean, who wouldn’t want to welcome another year of relentless pain with no gain for others, another year of listening to utter nonsense-the sort that wakes up your brain cells from family members, another year of dealing with misinformed individuals who ‘know it all’, they are like alimentary canals with big appetites always ready to speak and speak and speak some more about never-ending topics! Readers, we are indeed hailing the last month of the year.

Incidentally, I’ve come to notice that it’s the relentless pain that probably makes people go through a tough year, unknowingly sojourning on through the tough times and before they know it, the year’s come to an unexpected end. The utter nonsense speakers and the know- it -all speak through to the very end of the year, the speaking, their driving force to get through the year. It’s like looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, ultimately making people laugh right through life’s tough realities.

I’m not sure if this has made any sense to anyone, but i suppose the point is, there are difficult times for everyone. Thing is sojourning confidently through them in whatever manner one deems best. Hoping that i didn’t ‘kill the mood”

Merry Christmas.



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