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The sharp knife…

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The sharp knife of a short life..


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My father loved to spin yarns and tell jokes, and one of my favorite jokes of his was the one about the twins (some of you have heard this before, but it never gets old). One was a pessimist and the other was an optimist. As my father told it…

Scientists were conducting an experiment to study the difference between pessimists and optimists. So, they searched far and wide for parents with twins—-one an optimist and one a pessimist. Finally, they found a pair of boys, and, after all the waivers were signed, the experiment could begin. There were two rooms, both were waist-deep in horse manure. The scientists watched from behind the two-way mirror to see what would happen.

One boy (the pessimist) cried and moaned, “I just knew it. This stuff always happens to me. I should have known that something bad was going to happen. Why can’t…

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It is a curious thing the death of a loved one. We all know that our time on earth is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up under some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try to readjust the way you thought of things.


Lemony Snicket.

To the well org…

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To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

HiGh schOoL WoEs!

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Trust me readers, I’m over high school, got over it AGES ago. Which is why I’m seated brooding on my bed thinking about dolphins and how to draft a not-so-rude article about the woes of high school. I should, for my safety (because you never know with these high school people) state that I have no personal vendetta against any high school and that I’m merely fulfilling a promise to myself to write about the woes of high school. I for one know that this article could lead to a defamation suit that would follow me all the way to my non-existent bank account and I’d get sued for everything that I’m worth. (which is not much)
Let’s get right to it. High school sucks(ed)! (feels good to finally get that off my chest) In fact, I saw in some movie once that the best way to get over something bad fast, is to write the badness of that something in little bits of paper and put them in a pinata and hit the pinata with a baseball bat. BUT, I don’t have a pinata and i doubt I’ll get one soon enough, so posting this on my blog will have to do. It is therapeutic enough, because I already feel better.
The Devil’s cold.

Who in their right mind would make scrawny little children- (because in high school we are children) studying in the north pole- and I’m not exaggerating, show up for class at 4am or earlier, without so much as a jumper or jacket in the name of school policy. I recall my brain freezing over due to the extreme cold. Worst part is when the supervising teacher showed up eyes perked like a hawk at the window, all dressed up in a trench coat, warm scarf, complete with a weird looking mavin. I’d just roll my eyes to the heavens every time I glimpsed a teacher at the window all warm and then look back at my notes and try to understand how the infusion of sodium bicarbonate suppresses hydrogen peroxide and yadda yadda.
Of Ego and Malice.

There were those teachers who JUST DIDN’T LIKE YOU, no matter how hard you tried. Trying here means, working reeeaallyy hard at their subject, prioritizing their assignments, smiling and laughing at their not-so-funny jokes just so you get in their good books. Then one day, just ONE day, you slip out from your goody-two-shoes and that’s the day all hell breaks loose. That said teacher unleashes anger, frustration, bitterness on your poor 16-year old soul. Picture this, slaps raining on your cheek, a dirty corridor awaiting for you to grace it with a mop, a dingy staff room full of smirking judgemental teachers, with that said teacher conveniently yelling for everyone to hear “huyu amezoea” English for, “this one is too much”, the deputy glares at you and calmly says, “Go to my office” THAT is when you know you’re in trouble. In your hearts of hearts, you whisper, “but I tried.”

Alright readers, that is enough brooding for a night. Woes number 3, 4 and 5 to come up soon enough.

PS. Merry Christmas to all high schools.

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Soo, it’s December again. Don’t worry readers, seen and unseen alike, I’m not about to “kill the mood” I’m completely over the moon about the year coming to an end, I mean, who wouldn’t want to welcome another year of relentless pain with no gain for others, another year of listening to utter nonsense-the sort that wakes up your brain cells from family members, another year of dealing with misinformed individuals who ‘know it all’, they are like alimentary canals with big appetites always ready to speak and speak and speak some more about never-ending topics! Readers, we are indeed hailing the last month of the year.

Incidentally, I’ve come to notice that it’s the relentless pain that probably makes people go through a tough year, unknowingly sojourning on through the tough times and before they know it, the year’s come to an unexpected end. The utter nonsense speakers and the know- it -all speak through to the very end of the year, the speaking, their driving force to get through the year. It’s like looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, ultimately making people laugh right through life’s tough realities.

I’m not sure if this has made any sense to anyone, but i suppose the point is, there are difficult times for everyone. Thing is sojourning confidently through them in whatever manner one deems best. Hoping that i didn’t ‘kill the mood”

Merry Christmas.


Every night dre…

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Every night dream, i try my best to dream
Tomorrow makes it better,
Then I wake up to the cold reality,
And not a thing has changed,
But it will happen,
Gotta let it happen.