Posted: November 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s places and there’s time

There’s forever and there’s today,

The chances we took and those we lost,

They glow in the darkness and hurt the most,

When the sun sets and the world turns cold,

With the air thick of all the ancient legends told,

The voices all around us come to life,

Clawing their way out through the layers of defenses,

They feed on fear and thrive on doubt,

Paralyze your senses and trample on your hopes,

But even at the onset failure and threat of defeat,

Still your heart, and close your eyes,

Hold out your hand and feel the night skies,

Past the uncertainties and treacherous lies,

That common sense whispers into your ears,

For tonight we ride with the angels,

Pure as sin and white as snow,

Into forever,

Keeping all our promises.

Make no mistake readers, I’d never write such an appealing poem. well, technically, i would, but it’d be disastrous..sad even. In my next post I’ll probably enlighten you all, on the author of the above poem.




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