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Who would’ve thought that a day would come when I‘d sit myself down to pen a biography, or even the highlights of it? That’s right, absolutely no one…nobody that I know of anyway. Well, my nine year old self always wanted to write something – anything. Hence this not-so-accomplished blog created (that and the outstanding boredom)


That aside, for my impending memoire I will obviously have to get the precise dates of the various events in my life that are worth mentioning…but then again, every episode has to be mentioned. That I think is the whole point of a biography.


Following this revelation, I’ve kept a journal (two years now) where I pen down every bantam detail of my somewhat sensational life all tucked away for when I’m rich and famous. What do you know, someone might stumble upon my diary and be thoroughly captivated Anne Frank style and make a classic movie out of the epic story of my life. What, a girl can dream.


No doubt people will want to read about how I “made” it in life. I have by now predicted the heaps of inspirational quotes and sayings that will streak the few thousand paged biography. A quote by Lemony Snicket will HAVE to feature somewhere in there, even if just to emphasize the fact that I read “A Series of Unfortunate Events” or I could tactfully hint in the life story that I read the Harry Potter series so that the whole fandom (of course assuming that all of them get to read this) of the series would automatically become my fans. Again, a girl can dream.


My breathtaking fresh-faced stories ranging from the time fifteen years ago when I got kidnapped and heroically found my way back home to the happy times when I played in the rain with a clergy of shoeless toddlers from the neighborhood and consequently suffering from a bout of pneumonia that lasted exactly twenty days.


The defiant teenage years that had me labeled a juvenile delinquent. I’m still a delinquent in my own right, just, in a nicer way now. I wouldn’t dream of leaving out the torturous high school years (high school woes) I call them, romantic interests (emotional tales that I can only save for the real biography)


Well, I can’t pen down everything, otherwise nobody would bother reading my life history when I finally get it done. So, look forward to the unmentioned parts and conclusive details of the mentioned chunks. The very prospect of writing my biography fires me to loyally update my journal which is tangible evidence that I really graced the face of the earth.


Now, we wait.






  1. Becky says:

    you go baby! so proud `o ya!

  2. This just made me follow your blog. I’m dying of curiosity now.

  3. generatorwex says:

    You were kidnapped when you were five??
    hope i’ll get to read the whole thing..
    good work too..

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