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I DO!!! Yes, I honestly do. Reading Hama Tuma’s ‘Who cares for the new millennium’ has always left me itching to give a counterargument. It’s a no wonder my quiet self was strangely chatty during English class particularly when we were discussing ‘Half a day and other stories’ in which the millennium story is featured. Fine, I acknowledge that some of you readers probably haven’t read that awesome story yet so I’ll try to the best of my abilities to write you a short synopsis.


                Hama Tuma mostly dwells on neo-colonialism or imperialism if you want, Africa and its problems, tyranny which in simpler terms would just be terrible leadership if you ask me. It’s that short (Obviously a synopsis is) I definitely don’t deny the fact that what he mentions in his writings is the gospel truth, I mean, Africa faces neo-colonialism and it’s thought to be hidden but when you REALLY look at it, it’s right there under our unaware noses. HAMA states it nicely, “donors who bankroll us in the name of development and co-operation.” However, it pretty much seems like there’s absolutely no hope for this problem or any of the other African problems for that matter. This is hopefully where my I think strong counter argument comes in.

    The past millennium we entered it as slaves, the next one we entered as slaves but labeled free and independent as Hama puts it…And he’s not sure of how we’ll enter the next one, or even if we’ll enter. I say we will, not as slaves or slaves labeled free and independent but free and independent in every sense of those two words. Hama wants to know whether the coming millennium will relieve us of AIDS (things are looking up last I checked0 of subservience to the west or poverty. The new millennium, I’m enthusiastic that we’ll waltz right in all problems gone..I’m certain that Hama will soon welcome any millennium with the ‘fervor of a Bill Gates or of any African tyrant who had been hoping to continue dancing on our r backs. He’ll understand that the hue and cry for any new millennium shouldn’t leave him cold and totally unmoved but rather hopeful…HOPE is good.

   I also hope that the politics of ‘the ostrich’ of hiding your head in the sand and imagining that all danger has gone will die away..I’m certainly not encouraging a evolution but speaking out about problems help-a lot…and respecting the opinions of fellow country men is good too. As I conclude, I know Africa can’t and won’t be the same forever…Things are bound to change and take a turn for the best! So march on Africans, March on.


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