Posted: June 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

There’s something about the riots in the streets

The citizens must obviously have a reason for the

Stones, sticks, large fires,shouts, dead bodies

Dogs are barking, ambulance sirens shrieking incessantly

Medics rushing to try and save

Police armed firing live bullets to anyone, anything,

Rioters branding face masks, scarves to filter tear gas

press rolling their cameras

Hopefully the police won’t dare misbehave

But firing loud ammunition is already misbehavior i think

Shouts of freedom! freedom! freedom!

Disturb the already disturbed streets

And slam! A body falls and lies lies lifeless on the pavement

The police shot him

Hopefully the rolling cameras caught that

Blood on the pavement again as a stone connects with a policeman’s head


Jubilated cheers and raucous laughter

They’ve hit a policeman

An array of bullets towards the laughing group

Five bodies drop dead, lucky ones scurry away like ants to safety

A police lorry drives away with a hundred rioters

They’ll probably die

Be mauled to death in the scary dingy cells

All this because politicians didn’t deliver


  1. vivianneouya says:

    my very first attempt at poetry

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