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I recently stumbled on a bewitching poem that made me experience all sorts of emotions. As most poems aim to achieve just that, I experienced twice the emotions wanted..if that is even possible. Anyway, as usual I got to thinking, as I always do when stuff happens. I can probably try and write something of the sort, not exactly with the same style but a poem all the same. It fueled me to write poems which I have and will sample a few. But first, the poems that influenced me into writing my own.



             Uncertainties cloud my thoughts,

             Like a misery blankets of sorts,

             Question marks plague my life

             Confusion storms in like a flood,

             Drowning my securities,

             Floating my doubts,

             Lightless nights, dark as black,

             I lay somewhere in nothing, cold and stuck,

             Fear slowly crawls up my spine

             Twisted with malice so precise and fine,

             Perhaps I am something I am not,

             Scared to death of parallel realities,

             Lying beneath my surface, so hard to spot.

That’s the epic poem that got me clambering for more. The worst part though of this is that the writer, a friend I recently made does not like his poems exposed. I wonder, still do why such explicit talent would go down the drain. I’m still in the very tedious process of convincing him to expose the poems because I happen to really empathize with people with talent but they don’t seem to want to use it. But that’s a topic for another post. NOW the poems.

My next post will entail samples of my attempt at writing one of my very own poems.  


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