I thank the heavens that  i recently re-established

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

I thank the heavens that  i recently re-established my purpose on this earth. I’m certainly not saying or even implying that i was purposeless in my living..not by a long shot. I just lost direction and had some misguided priorities. That changed today when i came across one petulant child, freezing to the bones, eyes sunk deep into their sockets, forlorn yet still he afforded a little sweet smile for my shocked self. He stretched his frail little hands for a handshake and i threw all caution to the wind and carried him. He giggled excitedly then stuck out his lower mouth into a sulk when i finally set him down. 

He wanted to come home with me but that would have been an outright kidnapping considering he told me home was quite near. I’m immensely thankful for that experience hence ny renewed psyche to make good of my promise to myself and to humanity alike ..to help children, make sure they keep smiling and that charming innocence remains forever.

 With this renewed psyche, I’ve thrown myself into the activities of my children,s organisation, The Livina Children Foundation whose history is coming right up. 

God bless the little children.


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