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The following poem was inspired by Laban Erapu, in his poem ‘The Guilt Of Giving’

The seemingly exhausted old “hag”

Lines the dingy corners of the developed city

Ragged, dirty, forlorn, fragile

I pass nearby unsuccessfully shrugging off the guilt

That tugs at my heart

Like an excited child, she smiles

An expanse of bright yellow teeth

From ear to ear

She nods a greeting,

Stretching out her wrinkled palms

Abandoning all pretense

Forgetting the guilt

Embracing love

I enthusiastically shake her hand

In a firm grip

Akin to my handshake with my mother.




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I DO!!! Yes, I honestly do. Reading Hama Tuma’s ‘Who cares for the new millennium’ has always left me itching to give a counterargument. It’s a no wonder my quiet self was strangely chatty during English class particularly when we were discussing ‘Half a day and other stories’ in which the millennium story is featured. Fine, I acknowledge that some of you readers probably haven’t read that awesome story yet so I’ll try to the best of my abilities to write you a short synopsis.


                Hama Tuma mostly dwells on neo-colonialism or imperialism if you want, Africa and its problems, tyranny which in simpler terms would just be terrible leadership if you ask me. It’s that short (Obviously a synopsis is) I definitely don’t deny the fact that what he mentions in his writings is the gospel truth, I mean, Africa faces neo-colonialism and it’s thought to be hidden but when you REALLY look at it, it’s right there under our unaware noses. HAMA states it nicely, “donors who bankroll us in the name of development and co-operation.” However, it pretty much seems like there’s absolutely no hope for this problem or any of the other African problems for that matter. This is hopefully where my I think strong counter argument comes in.

    The past millennium we entered it as slaves, the next one we entered as slaves but labeled free and independent as Hama puts it…And he’s not sure of how we’ll enter the next one, or even if we’ll enter. I say we will, not as slaves or slaves labeled free and independent but free and independent in every sense of those two words. Hama wants to know whether the coming millennium will relieve us of AIDS (things are looking up last I checked0 of subservience to the west or poverty. The new millennium, I’m enthusiastic that we’ll waltz right in all problems gone..I’m certain that Hama will soon welcome any millennium with the ‘fervor of a Bill Gates or of any African tyrant who had been hoping to continue dancing on our r backs. He’ll understand that the hue and cry for any new millennium shouldn’t leave him cold and totally unmoved but rather hopeful…HOPE is good.

   I also hope that the politics of ‘the ostrich’ of hiding your head in the sand and imagining that all danger has gone will die away..I’m certainly not encouraging a evolution but speaking out about problems help-a lot…and respecting the opinions of fellow country men is good too. As I conclude, I know Africa can’t and won’t be the same forever…Things are bound to change and take a turn for the best! So march on Africans, March on.


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There’s something about the riots in the streets

The citizens must obviously have a reason for the

Stones, sticks, large fires,shouts, dead bodies

Dogs are barking, ambulance sirens shrieking incessantly

Medics rushing to try and save

Police armed firing live bullets to anyone, anything,

Rioters branding face masks, scarves to filter tear gas

press rolling their cameras

Hopefully the police won’t dare misbehave

But firing loud ammunition is already misbehavior i think

Shouts of freedom! freedom! freedom!

Disturb the already disturbed streets

And slam! A body falls and lies lies lifeless on the pavement

The police shot him

Hopefully the rolling cameras caught that

Blood on the pavement again as a stone connects with a policeman’s head


Jubilated cheers and raucous laughter

They’ve hit a policeman

An array of bullets towards the laughing group

Five bodies drop dead, lucky ones scurry away like ants to safety

A police lorry drives away with a hundred rioters

They’ll probably die

Be mauled to death in the scary dingy cells

All this because politicians didn’t deliver



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I recently stumbled on a bewitching poem that made me experience all sorts of emotions. As most poems aim to achieve just that, I experienced twice the emotions wanted..if that is even possible. Anyway, as usual I got to thinking, as I always do when stuff happens. I can probably try and write something of the sort, not exactly with the same style but a poem all the same. It fueled me to write poems which I have and will sample a few. But first, the poems that influenced me into writing my own.



             Uncertainties cloud my thoughts,

             Like a misery blankets of sorts,

             Question marks plague my life

             Confusion storms in like a flood,

             Drowning my securities,

             Floating my doubts,

             Lightless nights, dark as black,

             I lay somewhere in nothing, cold and stuck,

             Fear slowly crawls up my spine

             Twisted with malice so precise and fine,

             Perhaps I am something I am not,

             Scared to death of parallel realities,

             Lying beneath my surface, so hard to spot.

That’s the epic poem that got me clambering for more. The worst part though of this is that the writer, a friend I recently made does not like his poems exposed. I wonder, still do why such explicit talent would go down the drain. I’m still in the very tedious process of convincing him to expose the poems because I happen to really empathize with people with talent but they don’t seem to want to use it. But that’s a topic for another post. NOW the poems.

My next post will entail samples of my attempt at writing one of my very own poems.  

Something Unfinished

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Something Unfinished.

me too…


When my time comes,
forget the wrong that i have done,
help me leave behind some,
reasons to be missed,
don’t resent me,
and when you’re feeling empty,
keep me in your memory,
leave out all the rest..
leave out all the rest..
-Linkin Park

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Wednesday I wrote about the Three Nevers of Social Media, one of which was “don’t flame other writers in reviews.” This then led to yesterday’s post, Should Authors Write Bad Book Reviews? And, I have to say, you were all BRILLIANT. I was traveling all day, nearly going blind reading your debate over this issue on my iPhone. Yet, this got me to thinking….

Uh, oh. Right? *smells something burning*

For the moment, hold your digital tomatoes. Bear with me and just noodle this.

Is is fair for authors to write book reviews?

I am not taking a side because I am still pondering the idea, myself.

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